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Soil Amendments from Horticultural Alliance


We manufacture DIEHARDTM brand, high quality, organic soil amendments and soil conditioners.

ALL DIEHARD™ soil conditioner products contain CORE Ingredients of beneficial fungus of Mycorrhiza fungus and Trichoderma fungus, beneficial bacteria, bio-stimulants of humic acid, sea kelp and yucca; and many contain a horticultural water gel for water and nutrient uptake.

Products are formulated for PLANT INSTALLATIONS, MAINTENANCE
Complete satisfaction with all products from Horticultural Alliance, Inc. is guaranteed.

Proven Products for Gardeners, Landscapers & Growers

soil amendments for landscaping with bio-stimulants
Products for Landscaping

bio stimulants & micorrhiza fungus for plant maintenance

Products for Maintenance

Agriculture, cirtusand fruit tree soil conditioner and root inoculants

Products for Agriculture
Organic Fertilizer products for nursery
Products for Nurseries

Root inoculants with bio-stimulants and mycorrhiza fungus for forestry

Products for Forestry
soil conditioner products for turf
Products for Turf
Raw material with bio-stimulants and mycorrhizal fungi
Raw Materials
soil enrichment products with mycorrhizal fungi for landscape architects
Products for Arborists
Live Beneficial Mycorrhizae
Live Beneficial Mycorrhizae - Mycorrhizal Fungi
Horta Sorb water retaining management gel


Horticultural Alliance soil amendments has formats for private label marketing, like Direct Shippers and is the only "One-Stop Solution" for Landscape Architects.

Soil conditioner products for Landscape Architects

Solutions for Landscape Architects
As a Landscape Architect you know that client loyalty is built on results. And Results Matter! Results come from the company that wrote the book and set the standards in the industry. We offer the most complete soil amendment products for the professional landscape trade in the world.
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Private labeling for Horticultural Alliance Die Hard products

Private Label DIEHARDTM Transplant
Include DIEHARDTM Transplant soil conditioner with your plant shipments. Private Labeling is available in your own company business theme, design and bag size, i.e. a 1-2 oz. bag. Your Private Label maintains a close connection to the excellence provided to your satisfied customer through your other products and services.
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Soil Amendments for Homeowners
Soil Amendments for Homeowners
Our products contain a whole lot more than mycorrhizal fungus. We add other ingredients besides mycorrhiza to “stack-the-deck” with as many solid technologies that we can to make sure that our products simply cannot be used without seeing a significant difference in the performance of a plant.
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Most Popular Products 

soil amendment for trees and shrubs containing mycorrhizal root inoculantsDIEHARDTM Transplant
Transplant soil amendment for trees and shrubs containing mycorrhizal fungi root inoculant compounds. Since 1997, has become the industry standard...
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biostimulant compound applied as a foliar, drench or root injection to turf, trees, shrubsDIEHARDTM BioRush®
Dry, soluble biostimulant compound applied as a foliar, drench or root injection to turf, trees, shrubs, fruit, nut and vineyards to boost plant...
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water absorbent water management gelsHorta-Sorb®
Horta-Sorb® , the highest quality super absorbent water management gel on the market today, is used in containers to hold water and nutrients in the root zone...
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Fruit & Nut Applications with bio-stimulants & mycorrhizal fungiFruit & Nut Applications
Soil conditions during early stages of citrus tree establishment are crucial to producing high-yield groves. Of all the advances made in groves...
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Plants are ready for Spring - How do they know?

The organisms below ground and the plants above ground certainly are; as the days are getting longer, 'LIFE' is awakening both above and below the ground. 

Did you know that mushrooms are grown in caves and dark rooms and never see the light of day, but sense the seasons? It's true, mushroom production during the spring is much more robust than in the fall. 

How do they know? 
They don't have the benefit of experiencing the differing hours of sunlight; but, somehow they know when its spring and when its fall.

So, now is the time to energize the organisms in the ground you tend with DIEHARDTM BioRush®. One pound, BioRush® will treat an acre and the benefits are significant. Organisms in the ground will spring into action converting formally applied fertilizers and other minerals into soluble foods for mycorrhizae to the plant roots for nutritional delivery. Healthy plants mean less pesticides, herbicides and maintenance. At $30 an acre, you boost billions of organisms in the ground and pave the way to a sustainable, recognizable benefit to the overall plant health of a property. DIEHARDTM BioRush® is a soluble biostimulant that we recommend use 4-5 times during the growing seasons towards an organic approach to plant and turf maintenance to build strong repeat business.


DIEHARDTM BIORUSH® - This NEXT STEP Product is the guarantee that the transplant gets the "extra kick" it needs six weeks after the initial planting. This blast refreshes the bacteria package and renews vitamins and minors. Use for trees, shrubs, flowerbeds and turf. This product does NOT contain Mycorrhizae or Gels.

Get DIEHARDTM BIORUSH® now with free shipping!

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