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DIEHARD™ Products are Complete with numerous microbial soil components for strong, healthy, sustainable trees and plants.

Below are our most popular products: Order today and experience the results obtained by using our products.

DIEHARD. products contain multi-strains of mycorrhizae, Trichoderma fungus, beneficial bacteria, humic acid, sea kelp, amino acids, yucca and vitamins. *Dozens of grower and university proven ingredients in a single compound*

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DIEHARD™ Transplant

DIEHARD Transplant Pail

  • Transplant amendment for trees and shrubs containing mycorrhizal inoculant compound.  Since 1998, has become the industry standard for excellence in landscape and municipal tree and shrub plantings.
  • Back-fill soil amendment, Inoculate landscape plants
  • "Energize" microbial activity
  • Quick root establishment

DIEHARD™ Complete

DIEHARD. Complete

  • All-in-one mycorrhizal inoculant offers a product appropriate for use in plantings which benefit from the same
  • Used in planting flowers, turf, vegetables including applications for vertimulch, nursery/greenhouse, soil or bed amendments.
  • Energizes the soil to create faster growth and early colonization

DIEHARD™ Palm Transplant


  • For use when transplanting palms as a soil amendment.
  • Formulated as a preparation to inoculate the roots of palm trees with live beneficial mycorrhizal fungi.
  • 8 oz. bags that will treat a 10 . 12 foot palm.
  • For transplanting palm trees, i.e., palm oil, dates, etc.

DIEHARD™ Advantage

  • Granular soil amendment
  • Used for transplanting citrus, fruit and nut trees
  • Developed specifically for large agricultural plantings of citrus and fruit transplants.
  • Product is used as soil amendment when planting.

DIEHARD™ Solu-Boost


  • Soluble and is used to mud-in new trees when planting
  • Product contains a complete biostimulant and bacteria package to feed the microbes in the soil.
  • Adds life to the soil,  .energize. the ground.


BioRush cont  4x2 shadow (2)

  • Compete bacteria package, seakelp, humic and fulvic acids, vitamins, amino acids and yucca plant extracts.
  • Increases water holding capacity, soil aeration builds organic matter in the soil, helping plants resist drought conditions

Healthy Soil = Healthy Roots = Healthy Trees

Soil conditions during early stages of citrus tree establishment are crucial to producing high-yield groves. 

Of all the advances made in grove management in recent times the one area of greatest potential improvement is the .soil-roots-trees. of young tree establishment in both reset and block planting operations.

Rather than a single ingredient approach we believe you will agree the use of a .cocktail.
of Endomycorrhizal fungi, humic acids, amino acids, sea kelp extracts, yucca plant extracts, beneficial bacteria, vitamins, Trichoderma fungi, and gels will result in better conditions to get the citrus tree off to a healthy start which pays off during the entire life of the tree.

These DIEHARD.  Citrus products represent the latest in technology for you to manage the establishment of citrus trees during the establishment period and beyond.
The product promotes overall plant health and soil health which in turn provides faster growth and payback.

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The benefits of using DIEHARD. Transplant

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