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Landscape & Maintenance

For fast, reliable green-up and outstanding preventive maintenance of plant life, BioRush is the biostimulant compound your plants will love. BioRush builds strength from within, and it shows throughout the plant – from root zone to foliage and fruit.

BioRush introduces beneficial microbes and fungi plus amino acids and other biostimulant ingredients to create a nourishing symbiotic relationship with the plant. Results include:

  • improved photosynthesis and cell division
  • increased microbial activity in the soil
  • improved stress tolerance
  • and reduced water and pesticide demand

BioRush customers include orchard, vineyard and nut growers, landscapers, grounds crews, turf companies, property owners and more. Shop now for the BioRush compound that’s right for you!

Start with Diehard Transplant for successful installations!