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Horticultural Alliance was founded for the purpose of “changing the way trees and shrubs are planted” – to reduce plant losses, help establish plants in unprecedented short times, and boost customer satisfaction with results they have never experienced before. 

Transplant success is a major goal of our company, and Diehard Transplant is the way we achieve it. This product is a game-changer for anyone introducing plant life into the soil. Follow up with BioRush for faster green-up and improved maintenance!

Diehard Transplant inoculates against transplant shock and stress at time of planting as a backfill soil amendment.  By providing endo and ecto Mycorrhizal fungi, Trichoderma fungi, beneficial bacteria, water management gels and more, Diehard Transplant energizes nature for a:

significantly enhanced root system

increased microbial activity in the soil

improved nutrient absorption

reduced water demand

Our customers range from homeowners to landscape architects and installers, arborists, parks & recreation officials, campus facilities managers, and a multitude of growers.  Shop now for the Diehard Transplant soil amendment that’s right for you!