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Organic Growing

From vineyards and fruit orchards to nut and vegetable growers, we are all looking for a more organic approach to plant growth and health. We know the risks of overusing chemical fertilizers and we seek a better way.

The better way is right here. Horticultural Alliance is a pioneer in organic biostimulants, finding inspiration in nature’s design and packaging it for easy application to your growing needs.

Diehard Transplant Organic is a one-time backfill soil amendment that introduces Mycorrhizal fungi, Trichoderma fungi, beneficial bacteria and other organic materials to your soil to create a vibrant underground ecosystem that reduces transplant shock and enhances nutrient absorption for maximum plant health.

BioRush Organic utilizes beneficial bacteria and other complementary ingredients to balance nitrogen and phosphorus, improve photosynthesis and green-up, and delay the aging process within the plant.

Whatever your growing or maintenance need, the organic approach has taken a huge leap forward with Diehard Transplant and BioRush. Shop now and see for yourself!