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Adding Biology to Chemistry

In the horticulture industry, we know our chemistry. It’s been around for decades. N-P-K is everywhere and in seemingly limitless combinations.

We know that the nutrients in N-P-K fertilizers are vital, but we also know the trade-offs that are often made when it is overused, misused, or used at the expense of other nutrients.

Add Biology

At Horticultural Alliance (and our partner company, Italpollina), we suggest that you improve your chemistry by adding some biology.

Our experience proves that it is highly effective to proactively introduce mycorrhizal fungi, trichoderma and beneficial bacteria into the mix — just as nature has been doing for itself for eons. These microbes develop a mutually beneficial relationship with the plant above, significantly enhancing root systems and thereby improving nutrient uptake, hardiness, vibrance, flowering and productivity.

  • Reduce costly transplant shock.
  • Synergistically boost other soil amendments.
  • Reduce overtreating with chemicals.
  • Strengthen plants from within to resist environmental stresses.
  • Even improve yield!

Follow Nature

These benefits are not gained by adding more and more chemicals into the equation. They are gained by introducing nature’s own vitality-boosting formula.

Ready to get on board with nature? Begin by searching for your own niche in the horticultural world, or by exploring the many varieties of microbe-enhanced amendments and fertilizers we have researched and developed for your exact needs.

You can purchase right from this site, or be connected to an industry expert for further guidance using the contact form.