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Fruits, Nuts & Berries

Horticultural Alliance offers a two-fold solution for those in the business of growing fruit, nuts and berries (including  vineyards).

First we help your plants establish more quickly by energizing your orchard, farm, vineyard or garden soil with active, beneficial microbials. Diehard TransplantTM will provide you:

significantly enhanced root system

increased microbial activity in the soil

improved nutrient absorption

reduced water demand

Second, apply Diehard BioRushTM to strengthen your plants from within through amino acids, solubilizing bacteria, and other active organic ingredients. Your plants will demonstrate:

improved respiration and photosynthesis

invigorated lateral bud development for fruit production

enhanced stress and pest resistance

increased yield and quality

From hops and grapes to cherries and pecans, energize nature for your best possible plant health and yields!