DIEHARD™ Injectable


DIEHARD Injectable inoculant for root injection and soil drench contains biostimulants, bacteria, endo and ecto mycorrhizae.

DIEHARD Injectable improves survival, rooting, flowering, water absorption, nutrient availability, yields and production with reduced plant losses, less fertilizer use, less need for pesticides, less heat stress damage, less irrigation frequency, fewer losses from drought conditions.

DIEHARD Injectable is compatible with all plants that associate with ecto and endomycorrhiza fungi.

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DIEHARD Injectable is an Endo-Mycorrhiza and Ecto-Mycorrhizal Inoculant for root injection and soil drench.

The Industry’s First Complete Injectable Inoculant !

Tip: For established trees & shrubs as annual preventative maintenance!


Endo-Mycorrhizae Fungi
Ecto-Mycorrhizae Fungi
Bacillus, Pseudomonas, & Streptomyces Species
Humic Acid
Soluble Sea Kelp
Soluble Yucca Extract
Trichoderma Fungi


Improves: Survival, Rooting, Water Absorption, Nutrient Availability, Plant Health, Soil Health, Flowering, Yields and Production.

Reduces: Plant Loss, Fertilizer Use, Need of Pesticides, Heat Stress Damage, Irrigation Frequency, Losses from Drought Conditions.

Features: Selected strains of low host specificity endo-mycorrhiza and ecto-mycorrhizal fungi that quickly colonizes roots.

Included with the mycorrhizal fungi inoculants is humic acids, soluble sea kelp and yucca plant extracts, and a beneficial bacteria package.


Established Trees:

Root Injection: Inject in a 2.5 in to 3 foot grid pattern from the trunk out to the drip line and beyond. Apply 1-2 quarts of solution per injection site. Use up solution by the end of the day.

Drip Tape and Microjet: Decant product before adding to mix tank. Apply at the rate of one pound per acre every six months. Supplement each 3 months with BioRush®at two pounds per acre.

Irrigate after application.

New Tree Planting:

Mix with water and use as a mud-in drench when planting new trees. 1 lb. treats 175 one-year trees.

Small and newly planted trees and shrubs. Inject along the original root ball in 2-3 places using minimum ½ gallon.

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